Unforgettable night in Monaco

Sunshine, sea breezes, gently swaying palm trees and more… in the capital of luxury, fashion, casino games and gigantic pots of cash.

Did you guess the city? Exactly — Monaco.

One of the smallest cities in the world with it’s two square kilometers is in the top 10 of the most famous cities. And if I have to be honest — it’s spectacular.

Traveling through the French Riviera while enjoying the road — rocky cliffs, sunlight and beautiful turquoise sea — you can feel the relaxation in the air. Our romance started in Nice and continued in Monaco where we stayed for just one night.

This little city is the center for casino games, high-profile events, yacht clubs and the most important for some of us — tax haven. So much so that you can in fact smell the luxury — it’s everywhere — latest fashion trends, sparkling champagne and top restaurants.

Our time was limited so we did the best we can to see the top destinations. As usual we made the plan at the last moment. Here is a quick list:


Traveling almost all day we had no time to change so we did that in one gas station. You can see results here:

The atmosphere around the Casino is phenomenal. It’s easy to feel like you are in a movie with Merilyn Monroe. Everything was shiny and glamorous, full of energy and happiness.

Monte Carlo was built in 1863 and its style influenced Monaco’s architecture. Old school architecture with curved lines, structures and flowers. Combine this with sliding golden lights and light breeze.

Make sure that you charged your phone — the photos will be amazing!

Casino Gardens and Terraces

If you are with your girl now it’s time to take her heart — invite her to dance with you on your favorite song. She will definitely enjoy the moment and feel special!

Port Hercule

There is a little garden on the left side where you can take some unforgettable shots with your camera.

This was my visit to Monaco. It was short but unforgettable. The town is one of my favorite places in Europe and if you have a chance to visit it — don’t miss it!

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